Revolar Instint: Inform Loved Ones About Your Safety with a Click of a Button

Hey y'all! So this post is a little different than usual - I'll be sharing my story of why I think everyone needs a Revolar Instinct


Earlier this year I had an incident happen to me that still sticks with me to this day. It was about 7PM (still light out) and I had just gotten back home from grocery shopping where I had parked on the street since it's closer to my apartment, rather than parking in my complex garage.

I had gotten out of my car to get my groceries from my back seat and right before I opened the door a group of 3 people came up behind me yelling at me to give them the keys to my car and spraying me with pepper spray. I immediately locked my car and took off running in the opposite direction. Luckily, they missed my eyes so I was still able to see. There were other people who were walking their dogs that started getting closer to me on the sidewalk, so I think that's why the group of people didn't pursue anything further.

I was freaking out since I had never experienced pepper spray in the past, so I wasn't sure if what they sprayed on me was a harmful chemical that would cause permanent damage. My skin was throbbing and as I was trying to wash it off of me, I spread it to my eyes, which is when I really freaked out and had EMS come to check me out. In the end, they informed me it was just pepper spray and it wore off in a couple of days.


How It Works

The Revolar is a safety device used to inform your loved ones of your safety with a click of a button. It can be used to simply send your location or when you're in danger and need immediate assistance. The device is in sync with the mobile app where you can choose up to 5 people to receive your alerts and also customize your messages for the three alerts.

1. Press-and-hold to share a one-time location and let contacts know you’re safe.

2. Two clicks can request assistance to your live location as soon as you sense something is wrong.

3. Three clicks or more alerts contacts to send emergency responders to your live location.

Instructions from


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I keep my Revolar Instinct on my keychain since I always have my keys on me when I'm walking outside. 


The Revolar can easily be clipped on like the above picture or also clipped onto something the way a paperclip works.

I've had some anxiety when I'm outside walking little Benjy at night or when I'm in parking garage ever since this event has happened to me. But thankfully Aria, bought me the Revolar Instinct a few months ago and I have felt safer with it while I'm out alone. It also works as a great device for simply checking in with my parents while I'm traveling. Thank you to Revolar for creating this easy to use safety device.