Denver Travel Guide (Part 1 of 2) Food & Hotel

Happy Wednesday! I am doing my long overdue post about our trip to Denver! Since my travel posts are always so long, I decided to break it up in two separate posts. I'll be covering our hotel/food in this post and mountains/activities for part two, which I'll be publishing next Wednesday. First I gotta say that people do not dress up in Denver, so how I normally dress is basically always overdressed there! And I didn't even really get to dress up there because we were in hiking clothes most of the time running late to reservations we had. So if you're going anytime soon just know you can basically wear whatever and it's the norm!

The ART, a hotel


This hotel is located in such a great location! The ART, a hotel is an extremely modern hotel with several art pieces. There was also a candy bar in the afternoons with several hard candies and a few gummies, I enjoyed that because it was candy I hadn't had in forever! Overall the hotel was nice and I don't have any complaints about it at all, it just wasn't as extravagant as previous hotels we've stayed at in the past. 

The Food

Voodoo Doughnut 

Please excuse my no makeup face!

Please excuse my no makeup face!

For a first breakfast in Denver we decided to do something quick since we wanted to get out to the mountains asap so we opted for Voodoo Doughnuts. They were good, but made me realize I'm not a huge fan of these types of donuts, they're too sweet for me! 



This was probably my favorite for the breakfast options! I ordered the bacon fried rice and omg it was sooo good! It's a huge portion and the eggs are fried in duck fat. It had great flavoring and I could eat that over and over again. We also ordered Congee, duck fat fried potatoes and green chili, all of which were delicious. I highly reccommend Onefold if you're in Denver, but it's pretty small and fills up quickly, so be sure to get there early! 

Denver Biscuit Company


I absolutely love biscuits and gravy so every time we go somewhere new we go to a place that reminds of of Biskit Junkie in Houston. Denver Biscuit Company was our last breakfast place and it did not disappoint! I got 'The Franklin' which is fried chicken and bacon with the biscuit and gravy, I added an egg and it was very good. Currently wish I was eating this right now!  

I love breakfast, so they get their own sections! Other places we ate at were: Fire (located in the hotel), City, O' City, Root Down, Linger, Denver Central Market, Avanti, Biker Jims and beer tasting at Great Divide Brewing Company. 

I wasn't impressed with Fire, City, O' City or Fruition. The food at those places either lacked flavor or had too much sodium (I love salty things, so that's saying a lot). I personally wouldn't waste time going to those places! 

Denver Central Market and Avanti are basically like food halls. We enjoy those types of places since we get to try out so many things. We had the Jack-a-lope hotdog at Biker Jims and that was very tasty! We also really enjoyed Linger and Root Down (same restaurant owners) for dinner options. My favorites were the Devils on Horseback and Wagyu Sliders, so definitely try those out! 

I hope this served as a guide for those of you going to Denver in the future! Stay tuned for Part 2 next Wednesday! Have a great rest of the day!