Valentine's Gift Guide {For Him}

I had the most productive Monday I've had in a really long time; I hope the rest of my week continues to go that way! Since there's only 7 days left until Valentine's Day, I thought I'd put together a Men's Gift Guide for all those procrastinators out there, like myself. 

All of these gifts are Aria approved; his favorites are the MVMT Watch, Amazon Echo Dot and the Vineyard Vines Anchor Belt. My personal favorites are the Flamingo Boxers, Vineyard Vines Sailboat Button up and the Hot Air Balloon Happy Socks. I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and I love the color combinations on these socks. Aria and I love to travel and already have some travel plans booked for 2017, so The Scratch Travel Journal and Travel Stub Diary is something we'd both love.

Some gifts I've done in the past: 52 Reasons Why I Love You, Engraved Wallet Insert, a gift every hour at _:14, and a Pop-Up Photo Box. I hope you've gotten some ideas for the special men in your life. If you've already gotten your gifts, you can keep these in mind for birthdays or other special occasions. Have a terrific Tuesday!