Le Blanc Spa & Resort Review

We caught the sunrise the first morning we were there! 

Going to Cancun I knew I wanted to do a review about Le Blanc, but while we were there I honestly just completely forgot to take pictures of the resort, so that's why I'm using pictures from Oyster. I snapchatted plenty, but didn't save anything. I hardly took pictures (of myself or of anything else) before I had started blogging, so I'm still getting used to remembering to do so. I did however take pictures of a very important part, the food! 

The Resort 

Le Blanc was truly paradise. The staff waits on you hand and foot and does their absolute best to accommodate your wants and needs. We actually got upgraded to the honeymoon suite! It had ocean view and a large hot tub Jacuzzi😍 The amenities were fantastic. They had a decent size gym with several machines; I really wanted to do aqua spinning, but unfortunately we didn't get to do any of the fitness classes because we had other things planned. The drinks were very good; they weren't strong, which is perfect for me. Below I'll share about the food and spa. 


Le Blanc has 4 restaurants: Lumiere, BlancItalia, BlancAsia and BlancInternational. Surprisingly they were all delicious. The first three are dinner only spots, whereas BlancInternational has a breakfast and lunch buffet, then for dinner they have a set menu. I'm not a huge fan of buffets, but that's really because I have no self control and will continue to eat way more food than I should. During our time in Cancun, I ate as much food as I wanted to, especially due to the fact that everything was all inclusive. 


Our first night we ate at BlancAsia. We had the tasting menu, so there were a few things I didn't particularly like, but overall the food was great. My favorites were the tuna and scallops. 


The breakfast and lunch buffets at BlancInternational were very yummy, but I don't have many pictures of the food here, because my buffet plates were a jumbled mess. You also have the option to have the chef make you eggs/omelets for breakfast and fresh seafood on the grill during lunch. I tend to not read the descriptions and just take whatever looks good so I'm honestly not too sure what some of the things were that I ate, but there wasn't anything I didn't like. Aria loved getting an omelet made because you can add nearly anything you want and he added basically everything he could! My breakfast favorites were the plantains and something that was similar to French toast. The lunch buffet was even better than breakfast! I love seafood and there were copious amounts; my particular favorite was an octopus mixture. For dessert, I couldn't decide which to get, so I got all of them! There was probably 10 - 15 different options, but I only took one bite out of all of them since that would've been extremely fattening and a lot of sugar.😋


Apparently this is the place to go at Le Blanc; it's considered their nicest restaurant (formal attire) and a reservation is required. It was actually booked for the entire weekend, but the resort staff was the absolute best and got us in. We almost did the tasting menu since it also comes with wine pairings, but we opted against it. For one of our appetizers we ordered pequillo peppers stuffed with seafood, best stuffed pepper I've had thus far. I ordered steak for my entree and it was so tender that it melted in my mouth. The steak came with a carrot mash, which was very interesting and I couldn't decide if I liked it or not, yet I couldn't stop eating it! Overall I can see why Lumiere is the must go to restaurant at Le Blanc. 


My personal favorite- all of the food was excellent. This is where we ordered the most amount of food, because nearly the entire menu sounded too good to pass up. A few things we ordered: 1. Potato and scallops gnocchi with truffled cream and mushrooms confit, 2. Cheese stuffed ravioli with lobster and roasted tomatoes cream, 3. Arugula, goat cheese and caramelized red onion salad, 4. Seafood casserole- shrimp, mussels, clams, octopus and scallops in a tomato cream sauce. Don't the descriptions sound absolutely amazing?? None of them disappointed me and my mouth is currently watering😋



Aria and I love going to spas and we've never been to one like this before. As soon as we checked in we were separated and guided to where we would spend our time before the masssge. There was a sauna, steam room, foot reflexology, hot tub jacuzzi and two small pools, one with warm water and the other with cold. Even though Aria and I weren't in the same steam room, we both agreed that this spa had the best one; it was very intense, but so refreshing. They give you a face and hair mask before going into the steam room, which I've never had done before. I prefer more of a deep tissue massage, but we did a 50 minute serenity massage with a medium touch and it was very relaxing. I felt rejuvenated after our spa appointment and I'd love to be in that steam room right about now. 

If anyone is planning a trip to Cancun in the future, I would highly reccommend staying at Le Blanc Spa & Resort. If you have any questions about the resort or my trip in general, don't hesitate to ask! I hope y'all have a great Thursday!