Block Heels for the Win

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My main event was the Autism Awareness Walk I attended, then other than that I was able to relax and get some errands done. The Autism Walk was a success! I took little Benjy with me and at first I was hesitant of bringing him since he gets hot easily, but the weather was great. There was a nice breeze and it didn't even get hot since it was supposed to storm (luckily it didn't)! Everyone loved Benjy and I wore my goldendoodle hat, so people got a kick out of it!🐶

I originally started this collage doing a Spring shoe guide with espadrilles, flats, heels, etc but then I noticed a majority of the shoes on the collage were block heels. So I decided to do a full post about the perfect block heels for Spring! I am all about block heels; they are so easy to walk in and are more comfortable than regular heels! I personally want all of these, but I really love the leopard laceups, mules and both of the studded pairs! I've linked all of the shoes below for you to click the picture and you'll be redirected to shop!

Tonight Aria and I are attending two events: Jazz and Juleps at Bayou Bend and Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza. I'm very excited for both of these; Bayou Bend is gorgeous and then we are going to get to try food from 40 different restaurants at the Menu of Menus event! I'll definitely be blogging about both of these either later this week or early next week. I'm sorry this post is going out so late, but I hope y'all have a great Tuesday evening!!