Floral Skort Romper


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I'm so happy to be blogging again; it's been way too long! I had originally planned to continue to blog while I was in Philippines and Japan, but that obviously didn't work out. It was extremely hard to do so since I didn't have internet access unless I was connected to wifi and having to coordinate with my family was another story. I'm used to traveling with only Aria so it was extremely different traveling with a large group of people. I'll touch more on my trip in another post though, because I want to share my experience with two events I attended in early April: Jazz & Juleps at Bayou Bend and Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza.  

First I have to let y'all know that this is probably my favorite romper that I own! It's longsleeved, making it perfect to wear if it's a little chilly, but it's also flowy/breezy and has cutouts on the side making it great to wear if it is pretty hot outside. The floral print is lovely, as well as the color scheme. The romper is from Forever21, but unfortunately since I purchased this for my Cancun trip, which was early March, it is no longer available so I have linked up some cute alternatives! 

Jazz & Juleps at Bayou Bend 

Whether you live in Houston or you're just visiting, I highly recommend going to Bayou Bend! Aria and I went there for the first time during the Azaela Trail and the landscaping is absolutely beautiful and the estate holds so much history. The event, Jazz and Juleps at Bayou Bend, was $35 per person and included a drink ticket. I would say it was a fair price, because we got to tour inside the estate, walk around the grounds, there was live Jazz music and we got a super strong mint julep! We didn't stay at this event for too long since we wanted to go and stuff our faces at Menu of Menus, but overall Jazz & Juleps was a fun event! 

Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza 

I have mixed feelings about Menu of Menus; the price point was great, but there wasn't anything spectacular that I tasted. Aria and I attended the Truffle Masters and Houston Rodeo Uncorked! Best Bites Competition earlier this year, which are similar events. I enjoyed those a lot more compared to Menu of Menus, but those two events had a dress code, cost more and had more high end restaurants. A couple of my favorite restaurants from this event were Harold's, Peli Peli Kitchen, Radio Milano and Seasons 52. Overall, I enjoyed Menu of Menus, but I probably won't be attending next year. It's a great price compared to other events, but since I enjoy the other events more, I'll be spending my money on those rather than Menu of Menus. I would recommend going to this if you don't go to very many food events or if you just want to sample several different restaurants! It's basically all you can eat for $55, well until they run out of food actually! 

It's only Tuesday but I am so ready for the weekend! I'm throwing a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday and I am so excited for it! I threw one last year and it went so well that I decided to make it an annual party, especially since that way I can get my use of all the money I spent for making decorations😅 Anyway, I hope y'all have a great Tuesday!!