Boyfriend Jeans + Seattle Trip!

This photo was in Seattle!  

This photo was in Seattle!  

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My Seattle Trip & Guide

I absolutely loved Seattle and it would be a pleasure to go back! 

Fairmont Olympic Hotel 

We stayed at the Fairmont in Lake Louise and ever since I love to stay at a Fairmont if there's one where we are going. The Fairmont Olympic in Seattle did not disappoint, granted it wasn't better than the Fairmont Lake Louise, but I don't think anything can top that (that's my absolute favorite place we've ever been). Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the hotel myself but the ones on the website are accurate. 

One of the things I love about the Fairmont hotels is they have a restaurant in the hotel that offers afternoon tea. At the Fairmont Olympic, the restaurant was called The Georgian, such an elegant name😅 I'm honestly not hugely into tea, but I love the sense of sophistication and poise afternoon tea entails. I also love the tiny sandwiches and desserts!😋

The Fairmont Olympic is in the perfect location downtown. I've said in previous posts that we prefer to explore a new city by foot and this hotel allowed us to maximize that option. We were super close to Pike's so that was really nice since we went there a couple times and also near the Art Museum. The hotel itself was lavish and had beautiful chandeliers.  I was disappointed in only one thing - on their website they claim to have honey bees on the roof so we were interested in seeing that, but we weren't able to. Other than that I loved our time at another Fairmont hotel.

The Food

We had so much delicious food while in Seattle! We mainly ate all seafood though because I that's all I wanted since I knew it'd be so fresh.


Our first night we ate at Shuckers since it's located in the Fairmont and we got in at about 9pm. I'm not hugely into Oysters, but I had quite a few while in Seattle and some of them were pretty good, they were probably the best here. We also got Dungeness Crab mac and cheese and trout as our main course. I love mac and cheese so we usually get it as a side when we go to restaurants, this one was good but nothing spectacular. On the other hand, the trout was SO good! It was actually my first time to have trout and I enjoyed it very much.

Glo's Cafe

Glo's is known for their eggs benedict, so that's what Aria and I ordered, plus a side of cinnamon swirl french toast and corn beef hash! Unfortunately we had to wait for about half an hour since the restaurant is so tiny and always packed. But I can see why people wait for such a long time, everything we had was delicious.

Ray's Boathouse

Dinner with a view, especially if you go before the sun sets so you can watch set. There is outside seating, but we sat inside. It was funny because all the waiters/waitresses were wearing sunglasses since the restaurant has huge windows for the purpose of watching the sunset on the lake. I honestly cannot remember which fish we ate at this restaurant but it was very fresh and tasty! 

Biscuit B*tch 

OMG this place was so freaking good! I love love love biscuits, I don't care how fattening they are! This place kinda reminded me of Biscuit Junkie here in Houston, not sure which one I like more. But if you love biscuits and gravy like myself you have to go to Biscuit Bitch, I believe there's three different locations in Seattle. 


You HAVE to eat here if you're going to Seattle! It's located in the Space Needle so the views are absolutely amazing! We also ate here during the sunset so we got to see how the city looked during the day/ sunset/ at night, I loved it. We did have some delicious food - steak tartare with bone marrow, clam chowder and halibut, but it was overpriced. Although, when you eat at the restaurant you get admission to the Space Needle deck so it probably evens out. The steak tartare with bone marrow and toast on the side is the absolute best, so if you go you HAVE to get it! 

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Whether or not you're a dessert person, this is such a good place to go to! I'm a dessert person so I had gotten a peanut butter molten cake, which was extremely rich, but so dang good. Aria isn't much of a dessert person, so he got a mint chocolate milkshake. He enjoyed it very much, I thought it'd taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream (which I hate), but it was fresh mint leaves so it was actually pretty good. 

We ate at a few other places, but I don't think any of them are really worth mentioning, none of them were bad, but they weren't fantastic either. We also ate a couple things while out at Pike Place Market.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier was a site to see! The view was absolutely gorgeous. Aria and I were idiots and we were hiking in the snow while wearing tennis shoes! We obviously couldn't make it to the top, but we went as far as we could and the views were breathtaking. I hope to come back to Mount Rainier when we have more time and in appropriate attire to hike in😅👟

Museums / Other Basic Tourist Attractions

We of course went to the original Starbucks, but we did not order anything. It is SO tiny and was way too packed, we were not about to stand in line for an hour+ when neither of us even likes coffee! We also went and toured around the Microsoft campus in Bellevue, walked around Gas Works Park and took a ferry tour on Lake Union. I enjoyed the ferry tour a lot, so it's also a must if you go to Seattle!

Chihuly Gardens 

This was very cool; nearly everything in here is made out of colorful glass. We even got a picture of a sculpture that also has the Space Needle in the background that we framed and is hanging up in the living room! Also, if you go in the morning right when it opens you get half priced admission! It's totally worth the price and the peices are absolutely beautiful. 

Space Needle 

I already talked about eating at SkyCity in the Space Needle, so I'm just going to reiterate that this is a must to go to while in Seattle! It's basically like the Empire State Building, yet better! It's better IMO because you get to see the city, but you also get to see the mountains and lake/ocean. 

Seattle Art Museum  

I'm definitely a novice when it comes to art, but for some reason I love going to the art museums every time we go to a new city. The art museum in Seattle was small compared to others I've been to, but it had some very interesting pieces and admission was free so that's a plus!  

Overall Aria and I had a great time in Seattle. We had three full days, because we flew the red eye to Houston. We got back home at 5am that Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend and I had to go to work that day😵 Lucky for me, I'm able to sleep on flights so although I was tired, I wasn't as exhausted as Aria since he's unable to. I wish more cities offered red eye flights because I would totally do it every time since we get the perfect amount of time to explore. I hope this serves as a guide for any of you who will go to Seattle in the future!✈️