Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Happy Friday y'all! I'm typically not used to doing very much in a week, so I've been extremely busy and absolutely exhausted! Which is why I ended up not having a blog post yesterday. This was supposed to be yesterday's post in honor of the Nordstrom Sale beginning, but I hadn't had time to go through all of the sale yet! Aria's at a bachelor party, so it's just me and Benjy this weekend! My weekend is jam packed with blogger events (photo shoot, collaborations and a workshop to name a few) and I'm actually doing an Instagram takeover for the Brunch and Blog Insta page on Saturday, so y'all should check it out! I'm super excited since it is my first one! 

I became a Nordstrom cardholder last Summer and so glad that I did since I have early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You can either apply for a credit or debit card with them, but I have a debit card, otherwise I knew I would overspend!! I'm not going to talk about every piece I chose, but as y'all can see I'm still obsessed with pink, bows, bell sleeves and ruffles, so I'm hoping those trends are here to stay for a while! I will however do a review on all of the items I purchased when they come in. 

I added all of these items in my cart, so now I gotta go through and decide what I'm actually going to get. It's always so tough for me to do that, because I want to get everything! I'm for sure planning on getting the three pairs of jeans and the OTK boots. I feel like waiting for this sale is the best time to purchase jeans, so that's why I'm purchasing all three. I know I mentioned in another blog post I wasn't a huge fan of Paige jeans, but I'm going to try the black ones and see how I feel about them. I've never tried AG Jeans yet, so I'm anxious to see how they will be, I've only heard good things about them! I'm hoping to get a couple more of the items pictured, but not entirely sure which ones yet, I gotta go home and assess my closet! There's also some items that already have sold out unfortunately so gotta act fast! 

With my weekend being so packed, I will definitely be posting a lot on my Instagram page/story and also on the Brunch and Blog page/story, so stay tuned to keep up with me! I hope y'all have a great weekend! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain here in Houston!