London Travel Diary Part 1


We arrived in London at 7AM Thursday morning and hit the ground running! Going through customs took forever, but after that we started our journey at The Milestone Hotel. 

The Milestone Hotel  

We’ve stayed at very nice hotels previously, but when it comes to The Milestone, the service we received was absolutely astounding! The hotel is located in the Kensington area, literally right across the Palace. We probably got to the hotel around 9:30AM (which is several hours prior to check in) and they were able to get us checked in and into our room! My button fell off of my coat during the process and housekeeping quickly sewed it back on.

I cannot rave enough about our stay at The Milestone Hotel. The entire staff took care of literally every single need or questions we had, plus more! Especially our two concierges - Giacomo and Jose; they were a huge help to us and I couldn't thank them enough!  I would highly highly recommend staying at The Milestone for your trip to London!   


It's as if the room was handpicked for me - pink walls, floral embroidered curtains and adorable photos and paintings!


They even knew it was a special occassion so they decorated our room for us!


Restaurants & High Tea

Gordon Ramsay's 5 Michelin Starred Restaurant 

TBH I wasn't very impressed and it's way overpriced. I was wearing the outfit in my first photo and they told me I had to take my hat off. Can you believe that?! The hat makes the outfit!! I just felt like I had to be very quiet and I didn't belong there.


Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley Hotel

OMG I absolutely loved loved loved it here! Each dessert is inspired by a designer and it's just the absolute cutest. For the most part everything was very tasty as well!

Elan Cafe

Sightseeing & Activities 

Kensington Palace

Guard Change at Buckingham Palace


Platform 9 and 3/4


There was a line to take a photo of this and we didn't want to wait, so instead I took a photo of these Asian tourists and love the photo haha!


Abbey Road


Now these are just the highlights from the first part of our trip; there are so many beautiful sights to see, even just houses and their doorsteps. I really enjoyed London and hope y'all do too when you venture there!