2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist

Hello, hello! It’s been quite some time, so I’d say the Nordstrom sale is the perfect way to jump back into blogging! Literally every single blogger is talking about this sale (just like every year) because it’s so dang good. I really do love this sale; it gives us the opportunity to prepare for Fall and Winter at sale prices and who doesn’t love a good sale anyway?! I’d say the sale is fairly similar to last year, however there’s definitely some pieces that I’m like OMG I NEED THIS! The sale became live to Nordstrom cardholders on Friday at 11:30AM CST and just like every year several pieces have already sold out. This is why it’s so important to become a cardholder, if you’re not then you’re definitely going to miss out on goodies. There will be a few restocks and people return things, so you really gotta keep an eye out for the items you really want that may have already sold out. I’ll try to keep y’all informed about popular items being restocked on Insta-stories though!

Anyway, below I have linked EVERYTHING I want from the sale by category. There’s quite a lot of things and let’s face it, I can’t afford to get everything so at the very bottom I have also linked things I have already purchased/ that I am absolutely dying to get! I’ve placed two orders already, however nothing has arrived yet. As soon as everything arrives, I will be doing a new blog post with my thoughts on the items. Stay tuned and happy shopping!!


Coats + Outerwear

Dresses + Jumpsuits + SKIRTS

Jeans + Pants

Lounge + Pajamas


Sweaters + Cardigans


What I’ve Actually Purchased / Really Really Want