Smile Brilliant: The Best at Home Teeth Whitening


A bright smile has always been so important to me. One of the first things I notice about people are their teeth, so I am always conscious about what mine look like! Thankfully I was blessed and didn't have to get braces as a teenager, but I've always strived for that bright white smile and Smile Brilliant has given me one!


I've used at home whitening strips previously, but I had never used whitening trays before Smile Brilliant and the trays are The very first thing you do when you receive your box is create your impressions out of a DIY molding. The process is very simple and they also include a prepaid label (domestic shipping covers 3 way shipping and international covers 2 way shipping) to send your molds off to receive your trays. It took about a little less than two weeks to receive my trays back and they fit perfectly. I prefer the trays since they are custom fit and don't move around whereas strips have the tendency to do so. 


The teeth whitening process is extremely easy and hassle free to incorporate in your everyday routine! You receive 3 syringes of the whitening gel, which goes a very long way. I would put the trays in during the evening as I was watching TV, working on my blog or playing with little Benjy. Since the trays fit so well it's easy to not worry about them and do other things at the same. 


As you can see from my results, Smile Brilliant does work! I've achieved a naturally white smile and I've only used two syringes thus far, so like I said, the 3 whitening gels will go a long way! I couldn't ask for better results with such an affordable teeth whitening product that I get to use in the comfort of my own home! To learn more, check out Smile Brilliant's website.


Giveaway Time!

Now that I've told y'all about how great Smile Brilliant works, I am hosting a giveaway contest where one person will win a $139 credit, which will cover a Smile Brilliant kit! You can enter the contest here! My contest will stay open for only two weeks (ending October 20th), so be sure to enter it now!